PPE Germany

Service FFP2 mask test: How safe are your protective masks?


PPE Germany tests whether your purchased masks are safe for your employees, customers, or patients. You will receive a test report.

Let us professionally test and evaluate the quality of your FFP2 masks. Simple, fast, and uncomplicated.

Our offer is aimed at:

  • Companies that provide their employees with protective masks
  • Pharmacy operators
  • Operators of clinics or care facilities
  • Mask manufacturers and distributors
  • Other institutions or people who have purchased large numbers of masks.


That's how it works:

After you have commissioned us for the test, send us at least 10 masks - we will test them upon receipt and give you a statement about the protection of the mask. We will send you a test report by email that shows you the mask quality. We test 3 masks from the same batch or delivery to rule out any outliers. A mask is required for the loading test. 6-7 masks are used as reserve templates for any queries.

With the optional load test, you get the results of a simulation of the continuous (long hours) wearing of the mask according to EN149.



If you need testing for litigation, please contact a certified testing laboratory. The results of the PPE Germany mask test are to be considered indicative. The terms and conditions of PPE Germany apply.




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