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MNS masks, i.e. mouth-nose-protection masks, are particularly lightweight and thus even more comfortable to wear. Thanks to the adjustable nose clip, the masks can be adapted to the shape of the face and thus offer even better protection. At PPE Germany you will find MNS masks in different quantities and particularly high quality - with CE certification and of course Made in Europe.

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Frequently asked questions

Our masks are well suited for daily use in different areas. However, in order for the mask to offer its optimum effect, it should always be ensured that it is correctly fitted and adapted to the shape of the nose to avoid gaps. It is also important to ensure that the mouth and nose are equally completely covered and that the mask is changed at regular intervals for hygienic reasons.

To put on the mask correctly, it should first be carefully removed from the package and placed on the face with the adjustable strap facing upwards. When doing this, you should avoid touching the inside of the mask as much as possible for optimal protection. Next, place the ear loops around the ears to secure the mask in place. Finally, run your fingers over the nose clip to adjust the shape of the mask to your nose and avoid gaps.

Our face masks are generally disposable products, so they should not be used more than once. How long you can wear a mask depends entirely on your activity. Under normal circumstances, a mask can be used for about 3 to 4 hours. However, if you sweat or if the mask becomes soaked by other means, you should replace it immediately with a fresh mask.