Rotection: Our FFP2 mask machine

The production of PPE according to the latest & future-proof standards, under the highest quality requirements using the best materials for individually created products plays a very important role for us.

It is also very important for us to be as transparent as possible in our production. We manufacture with a large number of state-of-the-art machines, which we would like to present in more detail in the near future. This article is dedicated to one of our FFP2 mask production machines. The model in this article comes from the German manufacturer Rotection Engineering.

We explicitly chose Rotection because it is not only one of the fastest-growing European manufacturers in the field of mechanical engineering for medical protective equipment and has a wealth of experience in process and machine optimization, but also because of the excellent know-how that outstanding technology and the extensive knowledge of innovation and process optimization.

Machines that are dependable and of the most recent generation

In addition, we share with Rotection the great, unrelenting demands on ourselves and the continuous increase in quality standards, which are far above the norm anyway. At this point, we would also like to praise the extremely competent employees with whom we have had, without exception, positive experiences in the course of our cooperation.

Our production machine for FFP2 masks made in Germany combines the highest level of efficiency and of course ensures all the safety features that an FFP2 mask should have. Among other things, we use modern ultrasound technology for this purpose.

The image below shows the machine in question, which we will discuss in this article:

The following details are particularly noteworthy:

  • Sixfold servo-driven unwinding unit: With pneumatic tensioning shaft, dancer control and level indicator for feeding in the modern filter fleece

  • Highest, modern, state-of-the-art security standards

  • Perfect view with full protection for all operators: use of modern panes in combination with slim aluminum profiles

  • Individual printing system for perfect marking of any detail according to legal regulations

  • Modern unwinder inside our FFP2 production unit for precise and fast nose wire feedthrough

  • Use of modern ultrasonic technolog

  • Maximum precision using directly mounted servo drives

  • Invariably uniform material feed for the best possible processing

  • Permanently outstanding quality through precise material management

  • Perfect overview for operators thanks to the high-resolution, user-friendly 13-inch MHI

  • Sophisticated and well thought-out folding of the FFP2 mask via a matrix with an optimized transition for subsequent mask welding

  • High-precision removal of the mask: modern punching cylinder with waste output on the side

  • Highest quality made in Germany

  • Maximum optimized production unit: Without exception, the highest quality of each individual mask

Above all, each individual mask's consistent high quality should be a fundamental criterion for every manufacturer. Of course, the safety of every end user or consumer remains our top priority.

Furthermore, we want to not only manufacture to modern standards, but also position ourselves for the future now. We are very well positioned with new generation machines that can process the most modern and protective high-tech materials and produce outstanding quality using new and proven technology.

Our employees', business partners', and cooperation partners' unwavering commitment allows us to be even faster in the market, with the quality of our products continuing to exceed Germany's already high state requirements and legal standards.

Reliable partner with vision

We can continue to grow strongly in the future, even after many successes, thanks to partner companies such as Rotection, which also handles process optimization, maintenance, and system improvement.

Our modern machine's process steps have been thoroughly tested, and this manufacturing facility has greatly advanced in terms of quality requirements. The machine sequence is, in principle, as follows:

  • Feeding of the modern fleece

  • Feeding of the nose wire

  • Uniform welding of the mask

  • Accurate attachment of the earband

  • Edge Seal sealed by modern ultrasonic technology

  • Perfect separation of the FFP2 mask by rotary cutting

  • Eliminate the waste

Following these steps for first-class production of the FFP2 masks, appropriate packaging is carried out with the assistance of automated machines.

Here, too, we strive for the highest quality standards, with the end user at the center of our efforts.

Our FFP2 mask manufacturing machine has been optimized to achieve, among other things, a folding accuracy of +- 1mm and an earband accuracy of the same value. Although past successes will always have an impact on the future, we do not want to rest on our laurels. We continue to believe that it is critical to promote the improvement of all processes, technologies, and systems.

Our continuous improvement processes

We relentlessly drive improvement and growth through a large number of certifications, staff training, and lively exchanges with state institutions, industry associations, clubs, laboratories, partner companies, and consulting firms. We are always interested in a transparent, value-added, and informative exchange at the eye level to encourage all market stakeholders to improve the overall standard for the benefit of the end consumer and to create a healthier and better future for all of us.

We pursue not only fair play, but also an agreement on the use of the best technology, clean raw materials, and high-tech production techniques with an optimized price-performance ratio, through collaborative efforts with our partner companies, a high focus on important core topics, and regular, professional dialogue. For the best quality at a price that everyone can afford. Because everyone should be able to enjoy and protect their health.